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    2000 XL1200 Ltd F/A adaptor size help

    What size F/A adaptor do I need for my carbs on a 2000 XLL1200?? Mikuni 44?? Will these fit?

    Also, anyone have an opinion on these F/As??


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    No,I dont think they will fit. You need the ones for the SBN- I body carb.

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    There is a drop down to select "Type" of adaptor. Do I need the

    Mikuni BN-iSeries 44/40 (with oil injection) 56.4mm 2 bolt... or the 38/37 or 40/38 or 42/40 or 46/42?????

    At this point I think I am going to keep my oil injection instead of going to premix.

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    The oil injection is tapped into the carbs so you don't need to worry about it on the F/A's. You need adapters that fit The SBN-I 44mm. Get the Prok or FLY F/A's (same thing) they perform the best with these carbs IMHO Parker has the Proks for $35 ea. You will need the multifit one. I was in their store just over a week ago.

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