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    what was the best xp

    can you tell me what you all think was the best model xp as im thinking of getting one as a play thing for wave jumping look forward to what you have to say

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    Of course personal opinion is going to be the main factor here but I love my 96's...Its like moto-cross on the water

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    The best XP is the one in my garage! LOL

    Wave jumping the X-4 hull is. Which is a 96XP, and 97-99 SPX.

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    I loved my 96 XPs, but my XPLs weren't too shabby either.

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    98 XP Limited it was the first year they had the 951 motor in it I had one it was one of the fastest skis on the water back then not to mention the shock on the seat!

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    -well, the 96 xp was great as well as the 97-99spx... which are basically all the same, just different paint schemes. they weigh about 400 pounds
    -the 97 xp wasn't great because it was the bigger boat with the 800 motor, kinda slow...
    -the 98 xp i thought had water injestion issues... not positive about that though... i thought i remember hearing that
    -the 99-02 are pretty good machines
    -the best power and best fuel efficiency is the 03-04 xpdi's, i believe they are kinda heavy

    Sry if I have any wrong info... correct me please if i am. Just trying to help out. All the XP's are great machines though.

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    carbed 2000 and up, less water intrusion (with vent holes moved back) than the 98-99 and had the better ignition than the 98

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    98-99 was my favorite and still is.

    For just wave jumping the smaller 96 X4 hull would be the best IMO. I think they made this body style as an SPX up untill 98.

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    the 96 xp and 97-99 spx are the same boats basically. They change a few things, I know the 99 spx has a lil different exhaust not coming straight out of the back like the 96 xp did.

    96 xp- yellow hull, yellow top, pink graphics
    97 spx- yellow hull, white top
    98 spx- black hull, white top
    99 spx- black hull, yellow hull, silver graphics. IMO best looking but prolly the most expensive... you see the least amout of these for sale.

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    buds I would say depends on your size and fitness level. 200 under 96 or the X-4 hull with a 787 0r 800. Bigger and older get the XPL with a 951. Reason is the X-4 is hard to mount in calm water when your over 200lb like to roll over unless your fit enough to do a side mount with surf pounding you every 3 seconds. The XPL is a little more forgiving. XPL is also faster and better ride in chop and IMHO its a better all around boat. I hated the 96XP. But it got me in shape and tought me how to build a ROTAX 787. I got rid of it because it developed electrical problems. It would never restart after a fall in surf. 5 minutes later it would start no reason. I have seen the same problem in 3 boats all 787's around 96 or 97 an XP SPX and a GTX. gave up on all of them

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