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    '01 SLH - Wont Rev!

    Hey guys, I have a problem with a '01 SLH. Starts up and idles fair but won't rev much past idle on the stand. It just bogs and dies out. It backfires a little if you hold the throttle steady just over idle. I just completely disassembled the carb to clean everything and cleaned all of the green gunk out of the fuel inlets. Still does the same thing. The fuel pump diaphragm seemed a little stretched but no holes. Any ideas will be great. Reeds? Thanks a lot!

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    Are you fuel lines made by Tempo, and grey in color?

    If they are the original Tempo fuel lines, you probably need to replace them, as they degrade internally, and will continually recontaminate the carbs.

    Have you checked compression?

    You may need to pull the reeds out and examine them for damage.

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    Yes, I have Tempo lines. Compression is 130+. I'll see if I can pull the reeds tomorrow. Any other easy spots to look before I tear the intake gasket? Thanks

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