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    Just bought a 2005 and it has triple pipes just wondering if you should run an aftermarket waterbox or stock also what is the rebuild time on a ski like that thanks

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    You wont see any gain from a water box. The tdrs do sound good though. There are 2 models 1 is baffeled and its loud the other is unbaffeled and has a water fitting so you can spray water to quieten it down, its really loud. Rebuild time should be atleast 75 -100 hours but checking compression will tell you more about when that needs to be done.

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    Stay with stock water box or if ya really need/want somthing better get the yamaha 99 1200 water box which will have to be modified of course .......these where ran in some of the old stx 1100 race ski's If I remember they where also cut down some.

    Not sure what gains they had but seen them in a few ski's..

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