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Thread: 15F S/c

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    15F S/c

    I'm looking into building a sc 15f for my next open class race boat, and coming from the seadoo clan am not 100% sure on the required parts list e.g valves, pistons, fuel pump, cam thats required to run a H-trim charger
    I also heard the pump shoe needs to be machined and to run a skat magnum pump. I'm planning on running a link ecu and tune on the dyno.
    Anyone that can give me a further idea on what gear i exactly require that would be great


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    ha ha and here i was thinking i was the only nut job in australia that built one of these...
    if you dont have a hull allready i will have one available soon
    complete with light weight 3dr seat and hood umi the lot.
    [email protected]

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