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    Exclamation fault codes 42 and 45

    out on ski for first time in 4 months today and runs crap and goes into limp mode. After pulling codes realise problem could be stuck wastegate solenoid etc or the tcp sensor, also had fault code 8 which says tp sensor fault could this be related to the wastegate solenoid and is it likely that both these sensors have went faulty.Also if the wgs is faulty would that show a code 42 fault any help would be appreciated as it takes weeks to get spares sent to Scotland and i dont want to go buying sensors if not needed.I havnt yet checked the wgs using nitros quick check procedure as im back at home and ski is 100 miles fro here.

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    It's unlikely that all of those sensors went bad at once. It is however posible that you have a bad WGS from setting. Do the Nitro check first before anything else and report back.


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    Thanks again Shawn it was a stuck wgs solenoid removed it and gave it a couple of rattles with a screwdriver and hey presto job done and fault cured. the quick check and repair took 20 mins. If you ever come to Scotland gie me a shout and ill buy you a beer or ten many thanks again

    stevie w

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