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    Well again - since I've posted a few times - I joined Greenhulk last weekend after deciding I wanted Jet Skiis. I stopped by a local dealer and fell in love (again) with the Kawasaki 250X. I wanted the green one and after a week of searching, haggling, etc, I rolled away with two for a good deal.

    Friday I took them out (right after pickup) and dropped them in the bay. The Motoman break in was done on both. Saturday morning I did an oil/filter change on both (with 25minutes on the clock). I took them out yesterday afternoon, but didn't ride long as it was an S2000 meet/BBQ and I couldn't get them anchored right in the chop.

    This morning I couldn't take it anymore - most recreational vehicle manufacturers feel the need to cover their products in gaudy stickers (reminds me of a kids BMX bike or a riced out Honda Civic) - so they had to go. The plan was simple - take them off and clean them up after riding this weekend - of course after a couple of hours crawling all over them and all the work put it I decided to waste my Sunday afternoon on them again - this time with all the attention and focus on just enjoying them. We launched at a park and rode down the river into downtown Tampa, through the Channels and up to Channeside (I could see my building from the water, pretty cool, I live right next to the cruise terminal).

    After we got back I finally ended up washing/flushing (salt terminator), dryed and sprayed down the engine with engine treatment, etc. They are clean and asleep with a total of 1.5hrs? on each LOL. Great weekend and really looking forward to spending a lot of time on these things for years to come!

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    Yes there awesome, not a fan of them without decals but neither do i like white Ive had mine since last sept and love every second on them!! I kinda wish i waited a year for the 260's but that was obviously impossible once i was in the market for some ski's. Check out this thread:

    Members put there time into it and id check it out for alot of info.

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    Thanks - some good reading there!

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    Welcome and congrats on the new skis

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