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    please advise!!!!

    so heres the issue. my 97 gp760 has been running fine went out today and had a stalling problem at speeds about 25mph it would stall out and the only way to get it to run again was to prime it and hold the start button down for a few seconds. then it ran fine and 5mins later did it again. took it out off the water changed the plugs it ran alot better. then stalled again. fuel delivery problem? carbs? or maybe to much oil premixing 50:1 its been running great with this mix so i dont know maybe some bad gas?

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    ok a basic question .. you are running premix with the oil injection blocked off correct? just thought id ask... the fact starts up again is a good thing.. how long till you get a prime into it and it starts? do you let the coils and cdi cool or is it a stop ,squirt and go? ..the reason I ask is im trying to eliminate a breaking down coil and an over heating and shorting cdi are you fuel lines? if original they now have 12 years of florida heat on em and could be sucking air going lean ,how long has it sat with the fuel in it now? you may be into a lean seasure if you are running old fuel.. drain it compleatly and run fresh stuff.. you may think about going thru the carbs if you have some old fuel in it the very least take out the needles and give the jets a good squirt of seafoam spray... let us know on here when it does it and we may be able to pinpoint the prob ...

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    I would not run it again until you've been through the the things Eric noted. Carbs...fuel lines....filters etc.


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    It sounds like a clunker. Sign the title over to me!

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    What did the plugs look like that you removed, you can always tell alot by the colour of the plugs.

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