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    Just bought two Hondas have some ?'s

    First off we just bought a 04 R12X with 19 hours and a 05 F12X GPScape with 94 hours.

    We are picking them up either this weekend or next weekend, and then taking them down to the Gulf of Mexico the second week in April.

    First off I was wondering what do we need to do about the salt water.
    I know we need to flush them but we also need some fitting in order to do this right? What all do we need to buy.

    Also I've heard about fogging the engine. How often does this need to be done?

    Also what else should we purchase before we go down for a week of riding?

    These are our first PWC's and I'm not too sure on what we need. Thanks for the help.

    One last thing.. hows the fuel economy on these things? How many hours can you get to the gallon or tank?

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    cruzin at 30 mph with 2 up, the 3 seater will go all day. wide open turbo will be about 2 hours! the flush kit is pricey but a nnecessity.

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