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    battery charger for AGM batteries?

    what is the brand charger that is safe for AGM (DEKA) batteries? Thanks...


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    I am a dealer for Deka and I use the charger they sell..It works great..I have had no problems with it..All I can tell you about the brand is that it has their logo on it...

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    I use the VDC Electronics BatteryMinder.

    The 12248 model (which I have) is very flexible, and it also de-sulfates while it maintains the battery.

    Comes with clear instructions, and is easy to understand and use.

    Because it is so capable, it takes a few minutes to learn how to use it. Once you have used it once, the next time takes a few seconds to get it going.

    The 12117 model is simpler and more compact, and also handles AGM batteries.

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