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    Why disconnect and remove the Accel. Pump on the GPR?


    So, what's the reason some people remove or disable the accel. pump on the GPR when then change jets and clean up the carbs? Seems like it's a good thing to have so it will start easier. Just curious...

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    my understanding on this was that the pump supplys to much fuel up thru the midrange when set up for speed ( over rich stumble). If I remember it correctly FERCHO and others have commented on this before and posted the fix .. some reroute the internals can be done to use this as a primer for starting. Jeting must be adjusted(larger) to make up for some of this modification ..Look in search

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    - on the US boats the accel pump only supplies fuel to 2 carbs (how dumb is that)

    - often the OEM set-up was overly rich off idle

    - there was a theory that by removing the accel pump you could then raise the pilot jet which would increase the fuel delivery at the lean 3/4 throttle position

    A couple of the most highly regarded tuners say leave the accelerator pump on. It provides a lot of fuel under hard acceleration which is a good thing.

    You can read more on this topic on the GroupK web site.

    If you keep it enabled, it is a good idea to have it feed all 3 cylinders.

    On my ski I disconnected mine - primarily so I could use the same proven jetting everyone else was using.

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    You can disconnect it, but you do not have to disable it.

    Mine is disconnected from the trottle, but I can still reach under my seat and push the little pump button to prime. I do this as a routine to make sure my GPR will start before I even leave the house. Once it starts there, I'm certain it will start at the dock.

    There are not to many things worse than putting your boat in the water and finding that it will not start.

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    With the stock set-up I could never get it to hit hard from a dead dig. It always would bog and you hear a lot of complaints of GPR's bogging. Without the accelerator pumps and the with the proper jetting it hits hard from a dead stop and keeps on screamin! I use mine as primers for easy starting without the choke plates.

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