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    WTB - 2006 RXT Cover & question

    I am need of a new cover for my 2006 RXT. I found a deal on a 2007-2008 RXT cover, part number 280000277.

    Two questions:

    1. Does anyone know whether part number 280000277 made for the 2007-08 RXT will fit the 2006?

    2. Does anyone know the seadoo part number for the 2006 RXT cover?

    Thanks for the help.

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    welcome to the forum !

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    i think the 2007 cover is made for the larger handlebars, so it might be a bit loose around the handgrips on your 06 ski.
    you need a 2003-2006 RXT or GTX cover.
    i would not bother with part #'s, too many , confusing.
    look at color and model yr of cover, choose that way.
    tons on ebay all the time.

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    i have a practicaly new RXT cover that fits my 05 and will fit your ski. It is black with a white outline of the shape of the ski on it and says RXT on the front. I am doing a conversion and don't need it anymore. PM me if you are interested

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