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    Trailer axle placement

    I am building a two pwc single axle trailer actually making a copy of a shadow trailer, however I need an axle location from the back of the trailer to the center of the axle, the trailer is 18 ft long, can anybody help me as shadow will not give me this measurement.

    Thank you


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    The balance of the trailer is determined by where the axle is located. If you are using different weight materials than the original, then the axle location may also be different.

    When empty, I think the tongue weight should be about 10% (or more?) of the empty trailer's total weight. That you could determine by experimenting with the trailer's balance point (without attaching the axle, since the axle itself is always supported by the ground, and the axle weight does not affect trailer balance).

    Move the test supports back and forth under the trailer frame until the tongue coupler has the right weight at the ball (percentage wise of the finished trailer weight, including axle ).

    Then when the PWC are loaded later, the PWC centers of gravity should be forward of the axle centerline, enough that the tongue weight is 5-10% of the total (trailer + PWC).

    Are your winch towers going to be adjustable forward and back, so you can adjust the weight balance of the loaded PWC on the bunks?

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    Thank you K447 for your info, it is appreciated and very helpful, yes the winch towers are fully adjustible.


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    My brother just had his double redone after being wrecked. The trailer shop he took it to moved the axle 1.5 feet forward of where it was mounted Now their is barely any tongue weight. The shop owner said he went by his boat specs for a 17 foot trailer and that is where the axle is to be. He couldnt understand the fact the 2 pwc's didnt weigh as much as a boat. Nor did he notice the old spots for the leaf spring perches. As it is now, it bounces up and down on the hitch.

    From what i have noticed with pwc trailers, the axle is almost always centered or close to centered under the bunks or center of where the pwc will sit once strapped.

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    Brian, does the trailer have an axle on it now? Is it set up for pwc also?

    If you want to add a double axle, make the center mount for the springs between each axle, exactly where the current single axle is located.

    Not sure if you can follow my babble or not.

    Just mount each axle the same distance forward and backward form the single axle centerline. That better???

    Leaf Mount []
    Axle O

    Single setup



    Double axle setup

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