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    RXPX impeller boot (rubber nose cone) removed...saltwater rider?

    RXPX took damaged impeller boot (nose cone) off...what can i put there if anything to protect splines if anythnig...i dont want my impeller seizing to the shaft...

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    Put just a little anti seize on the splines. and some marine grease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenixcustoms View Post
    Put just a little anti seize on the splines. and some marine grease.
    I agree! It's not going to cause any harm. If you are really worried about it then install a billet nose cone

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    You might try putting a little RTV on the shaft in front of the prop but I doubt it would stay on for long. If it's a big deal then bite the bullet and pull the pump & prop and replace the nose cone. It's an easy job.

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