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    Oil pump cable problem

    I have just removed my carbs and rebulid them.. but when i try to put them back again and install the cable/wire from the oil pump, it seems to be something wrong with the cable/wire. The wire seems to be stuck... cant move it at all. When i pull the cable nothing happens... so the wire dosent reach in to the place it should be... What could have been happend ? Why cant i pull the cable any longer ? I have not removed the exhaust chamber, so i can not se the oil pump... Hope you understand what i mean... iam from sweden and my english is not in top class...

    I have an gp1200r -02

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    You can see the oil pump in front of the motor if you remove the airbox.

    You will need a mirror from there when you pull the throttle or the inner cable you should see it move.

    While you are there make sure the lines on the oil pump line up.

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    You need to take a good look at that oil pump. I believe that the cable has fallen off of the little lever that is on the oil pump,causing it to bind up.

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    By reading that first post,i thought that to remove your carbs,you only had to remove the oil lines and the actual oil pump cable stayed where it was.Are you sure you aren't getting those accelerator and choke cables mixed up on the carbs?

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    Prime example of why you should ditch the pump and go pre-mix. It ain't as bad as it seems.

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