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    Pump tunnel liner replacement

    What is the typical cost of a new pump tunnel liner for 2000 XLL1200 Ltd? I cant find one in the online store.. Also, do you have to replace berrings and stuff when you replace the liner??


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    Are you talking about the pump liner a.k.a. wear ring?

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    Yes the wear ring, but I though you could replace the metal wear ring with plastic wear rings.... Am I confused?

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    The metal liner is all one unit. If you want to go the plastic route you either have to purchase one that has been milled to accept the size of the plastic ring or send yours out to be milled and purchase the plastic rings and press it in.
    Its easier just to purchase a new liner that has been already milled and has the ring already installed. Also if the ring goes bad they are usually 30 bucks for a new one. When you have to replace it just lay it on top of the old one and hit it in with a rubber mallet and a block of wood. As the new one slides in it pops the old one out. Lost of people freeze them and heat them and all sorts of stuff but its not necessary.
    A new one with the installed ring I think dont quote me is around 230 dollars.

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    See - I learn somthing new all the time!! Thank you for the clarification!!! How would I ever get anything done on my ski w/o this site!!

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    What about replacing the bearings? I am looking to install new pump liner and impeller.... Is it necessary to replace bearrings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaarona1 View Post
    What about replacing the bearings? I am looking to install new pump liner and impeller.... Is it necessary to replace bearrings?
    Not at all necessary. Just make sure it spins free and smooth.

    Do some research before you just go out and buy a prop.

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