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    06 RXP215 impeller help

    Hello from Greece!

    I'm glad to be member of this great community.

    I own a 06 rxp215 with 3" front air intake
    (Soon.. Riva intake grate, Riva opas block offs, metal washers, impeller?)

    I ski on salt and choppy water and i want hook up and acceleration but i dont want to flirt with the rev limit all the time. Now i'm running
    8180-8200 with full tank (stock impeller)

    What are the advantages and the desadvantages of installing the 3 blade skat trak and what of the 4 blade solas?

    What are the recomanded impellers for my stage 1 ? (skat and solas)

    Also what top speed (+ -) can i'll wait with the skat and what with the solas?

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    it really depends on the pich on the impeller is what you need to figure out for the performance that you want. the stage 1 usually comes with a solos 14/17R. hope that this is helps ya out.

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