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    2009 challenger 180se price ?

    so im looking to buy a 2009 challenger 180 se with a tower and 255 hp motor
    msrp is 26.9 what is a good starting price for me to offer? how much should they be taking off? not sure if it works like when you buy a car and the dealer takes off like 20% does it work like this? any help/info/advice would be great.

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    I would think you should be able to have them take about 1,800 of of the msrp for that boat...Depends how bad they wanna make a sale though. In this economy you should have no problems getting a good deal. DON'T PAY MSRP!

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    I would tell them 23,000 out the door...there is a pretty good mark up on these boats...DON'T PAY MSRP!!!!!

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