Please share this post. I am trying to bring the female community together to support women's racing in a mentorship format.

I primarily compete myself in the endurance type of events but have a pedigree in the history of this sport including all forms of racing.

I would love to see a solid showing for our sistahs growth in the PWC racing community. The Catalina Sprint is coming up April 5th in Southern California, there is only one woman registered at this time. It is a shame there is not twenty as there should be. I am hoping to encourage others to enter this event.

Please follow these links and help support our community! Your positive feedback is welcomed.

Women Offshore Endurance Personal Watercraf Racers - K38 Water Safety

Thanks- Shawn Alladio


A facebook group for women who love water sports, please share and join!



A few images taken of me up at Mavericks during a winter swell, the waves were small that day, so we decided to towsurf through the rocks, not a real bright thing to do. That towboard in the first picture is made out of agave spikes. Eeach strip you see is one spike, the board was hand shaped by my good friend Gary Linden in Oceanside Ca. These photos have been published for two separate stories in the LA Times, here is the link to another below:,0,5811252.photogallery

Here is an article I wrote for SurfLife for Women magazine, for Sunshine, Makarow she’s really a great woman respectively and gave her best to create a community surrounding women and girls who are interested in the surfing lifestyle. Her magazine which is no longer in print publication was the best I have ever seen. I was really honored when she started asking me to be a contributor to her publication.

I firmly believe in women and young ladies giving to themselves ‘permission’ to do the things that they may question as being the proper medium for their pursuits.

I hope you enjoy, much of this is relevant to other issues, just insert any favorite topic! It could work with a personal relationship (within reason)..LOL

Women traditionally are not ‘team players.’ We are groomed form childhood to be caretakers and not risk takers like our male counterparts. I believe because of our early childhood influences we are shaped either collectively or individually. I think this is why you do not see masses of female extreme athletes or more women in traditionally male dominated sports.

We do have a physical difference that can either enhance or distract from our abilities, depending upon the athletic discipline. This is just biological fact.

We are now observing generational changes due to women who came before and paved the way and created new opportunity. It is easier today for young women. The earlier group paid Hell to go where women were not welcome. I had no mentor for my dreams. I had to create my own hope and not take criticism negatively but to embrace it as a motivating factor.
Surfing big waves is a newer idea since about 1998. Tow surfing itself has recently become more mainstream globally. There are only a handful of women who have been introduced to this sport by men, and fewer who are dedicated to it. Women need to want it, they need to not be afraid of what the results are, good or bad; they need to just ‘go’ and experience it one level at a time.

Preparation is important for excellence and teamwork. Women tend not to support other women, and this hurts us as a gender. We hold grudges for too long and take things way too personally. Let that crap go, and let your boundary be the unknown in front of you, not what is behind you.
Tow surfing requires time and a financial commitment. Women need to feel comfortable handling a personal watercraft. The surfing part is the easy part; there’s a lot going on with the boat handling aspect.

It’s a life commitment with your partner and you need to invest time and communication. Men want women to prove themselves, they don’t want to have to babysit them. It’s important women ‘walk the walk’.

Tow surfing is nothing for a woman, really! She just needs to recognize and give herself permission to go there; not hesitate, not look back, not question, but be disciplined and sincere.

Risk is part of the payment, not the restriction. Men turn their failures into success. Most never admit incompetence, while women suffer over lack of worth and value.

This needs to change. And it can.

On the brink of our fear we find courage buried in our instinctual side that begs for an audience.

Go where you are afraid to go. Watch your backside but never turn back.

Shawn Alladio