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Thread: Jetboat help.

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    Jetboat help.

    Hi everybody Im new to posting on this forum. Ive been reading a lot of information on this site since i joined. So thanks all for the info ive gathered so far.

    I am putting a 96 Seadoo Challenger back together and had a few questions. I have searched all over and cant seem to find any information on this year boat. I installed a reman motor and thats about the extent of the work ive done so far.

    1: Where is the best place to buy oem seadoo parts for this boat?
    Thanks for the help. I have a few more questions now.

    2: I am breaking in the reman motor. It idles fine and runs low throttle fine but bogs at about 3500rpm. The maufacturer told me to run the oil at 32:1. I know thats for break-in but would that explain the bogging at higher rpm? Also they said to idle for 10 minutes before going out. I know you can foul plugs at idle should i switch plugs and see if that helps. Is there any down side to switching to fresh plugs? Is there anything else that would cause it to bog down? Too rich? or:

    3: I have heard about a rev limiter that works when the shifter is in neutral but i dont know much about it. Can any one tell me how to test this sensor or over ride it? I have read that it could cause the bogging issue im having.

    Thanks in advance for any help and Hello all.

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    I get oem parts at as they seem to have the best prices and i'v never has a problem with an order. If the part is not on there online catelogue, just email a list of part numbers and they send you a price.

    What was the cause of the original motor to fail and was that fixed? Sounds to me the carbs and fuel system may be causing the bogging. Were the carbs rebuilt. Does the boat have the gray Tempo fuel lines that are gooping up everyone fuel system?

    Don't run it anymore in a lean bog condition or you'll soon be rebuilding that rebuilt engine.

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