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    how to keep VTS from moving?

    when i bought my 96 xp 800 i noticed the VTS does not work. big surprise, rite.. haha. i also noticed the previous owner removed the vts motor, so now the nut/bolt that turns the trim up and down can free spin. what can i do to keep this nut/bolt from turning. i need to try and keep it in the middle as i don't have the $118.00 for the new motor and $200 for the black box. thanks

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    you could try to buy a broken motor on the cheap just to mount it and lock up the bolt and nut assy from moving.

    Otherwise make up a metal plate and drill the motor holes in it them mount a nut at the right place to lock and centre the shaft should work.

    Regards Xdrian

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    I have a used motor if you need one.It works but someone cut the connectors off....Yoo pay shipping and its yours

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