IJSBA Releases 2008 quaksysense World Finals DVD- 2 Disc Version

March 18,2009
The IJSBA is pleased to release the standard version of the 2008 quakysense World Finals dvd. This version is a two disc set. Disc one includes the broadcast version of the 2008 World Finals event and coverage from the 2008 Kings Cup.
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Disc Two is packed full of special features including: expanded Freestyle coverage, Hall of Fame, GP Ski, Juniors, Ski Stock, Runabout 800, Women’s Runabout, Women’s Ski, and vendor alley coverage. Also included in this disc is raw footage from Pro Ski and Pro Runabout.
This is the first time raw footage has been offered as part of the retail package.
The limited edition of the 2008 quakysense World Finals sold out quickly. Order your copy today from www.ijsba.com. Dealer inquiries welcome.