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    Need advice: Impeller for RXT-X

    My buddy sucked up a couple rocks this morning and I know I will need a new impeller on my T-X. I had just installed a 15/22 over the winter. I was turning 8200 rpms with a 15/22 and an 82 mm Reduction Ring in cooler weather. Today, prior to the rocks, mMy RPMS were just above 8100 to 8160 with the 15/22 in slightly warmer weather.

    My mods are in my sig, but I do plan on adding more boost, in particular.

    Should I go ahead and replace the dinged up 15/22R with another 15/22R or should I consider the 14/24 in the store here?

    I am not as concerned about the cost, but I want a prop that will allow me to expand performance.

    Thanks in advance, current mods in signature.

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