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    tested new mods today...what's next?

    just got the gen2 wheel, riva air intake, worx grate, and solas 14/19 on today. went straight to the lake...only ran 70 according to the speedometer i dont have a gps. rpms were between 8050-8100. i was expecting a little more. im going to fill the ride plate holes in the morning and see if that helps any. im looking for 75mph now.....suggestions on the parts i need to get there or suggestions to help me a little more on what i have now...thanks in advance

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    well is it a 14/19 or a 15/20 and also u are going over 70 i bet now but ur speedo wont show it, u need a GPS.

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    The first thing you need is a GPS. It is almost impossible to be able to determine if you are making progress without a GPS and a boost gauge.

    When I was using the Riva Stg. 1 kit and the Rotax Racing impeller (very similar to the Riva Gen 2) my best speed was 74.4 with the rideplate holes plugged. Several members have had similar results and some slightly faster.

    You have similar parts as the Riva Stg. 1 kit, but I have not used the Worx intake grate.

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    its a 14/19 that my dealer picthed up a little...he tested my boat last night and gpsed at 70. ill try to get one this week and retest. ive read the mod database on here and people with simular set up are at 73-75. 70 just seems too low. but then again he may have been wrong.

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    my speedo went to 70 when it was stock & 70 when it was modified & stops. you need a gps to get true speeds.

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