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    From a reliability standpoint, how is the 2006 Sea-Doo GTX Wake Edition?

    With no supercharger, there's no washer issues right? How reliable is this sled? Any issues at all? I'm not looking for go 70 mph, so top speed isn't needed, but I would like it to have good torque for power starts..

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    No Charger = No power should run all night n all day long with a few oil/filter changes here and there with a good flushing out after use, i had an old 2stroke GTX 110HP and it did 60mph and was quick getting there due to a light 800cc engine so im guessing a 1500cc non supercharged + bigger hull will be slower getting up to speed. Personally i would just buy someting with a charger as you won't be dissapointed especially one with an 08+ Kit as they come with metal washers which are v. reliable however...a supercharged engine will need slightly more maintaining than a non SC....Hope this helps Daz

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    i have the 155 gtx which is the same as the wake. this is a super reliable ski has yet to give me any trouble.

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