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    No Thermostat What will happen?

    My 1200 for my hurricane did not have an thermostat installed when I bought it. Upon inspection it did not appear to have ever had a thermostat installed in it. I am leaning towards leave it out, since I am going with the smaller stinger, but I thought I would ask what you guys thought.

    Thanks Tim

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    What happens if you leave the thermostat out?????

    Global warming


    Crime soars


    Governments collapse

    Animals go extinct


    And finally nuclear war

    For heavens sakes, put a thermostat in that thing please........

    Just kidding!!!!!

    Crime will stay the same.

    Seriously, nothing will happen.

    Unless you're riding on 40* water and below or are fuel injected, you shouldn't need it.

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    lol ! my OP head has no provision for one and Allot of folks remove them to eliminate another problem area

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    I was aware of all of those things, except famine, I better put it in.

    I was leaning that way anyways.

    Thanks Tim

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    i took my thermostat and plunger out two years ago and have not had a single issue! my opinion i feel safer not having it in there!! i have a msx 140. my 2 cents.

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