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    What sling are you using to lift your 250?

    Last year we installed an electric davit from Ace for lifting the Jet Ski in and out of the water. The sling it came with is un-coated and because of the way it is designed, when slid far enough forward to balance the arms dig into the paint if not protected with something. I'm looking to replace it for this year, and was wondering what everyone else is using. Prohoists makes a 1500lb, 4ft sling, but I don't know if it is too long because of the way the bump rail curls up towards the front. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I got a coated one from overton's

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    Was it the 36" sling?

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    Danger, have a look at: or after the following, PM "Mitch Ochoa" He should have the answers you're looking for. You might try doing an advanced search for his posts in the "Ultra gallery" thread. He's got plenty of lifts under his belt i'm confident

    I've personally used slings with a spreader, but it's not all that convenient to get them out if landing on bunks....but is quite stable and no damage.

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