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    2001 XLT1200 refused to start after winter

    Not sure what the problem was.

    I cleaned up the ski this morning, charged the batt full, and took it to the boat ramp.

    It had been winterized before it was put up.

    Once I got to the ramp, it spun, and spun and spun, With choke, without choke, pulled the plugs to clean out cylinders and tried again

    Did that until the battery drained, (approx 1 hour?)

    Not once did the engine try to fire.

    I brought it home, pulled all 3 plugs and tested for spark, all three cylinders had spark. Put my thumb over the spark plug hole and it popped my thumb off the hole - that's decent compression.

    Just for shiggles, I went down and bought three new NGK plugs. Replaced those and the ski STILL would not start.

    ** Here's the kicker **

    Usually after pressing the "start" button, the ski would emit two beeps as it was spinning over.
    The ENTIRE time I had been trying to start the ski, It never beeped.

    The second or third time after replacing the plugs, I noticed the beep and it fired right up!

    So, needless to say, it runs now without a problem, but it still makes me uneasy that I don't know why it refused to start in the first place.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I would check all the electrical connectors, unplug inspect and clean if necessary, lube with some dielectric grease and reconnect them. Sounds like something wasn't making a proper connection.

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    probably just didnt have any fuel in the carbs

    I usually spray a little starting fluid in the intake and they fire up

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    Could be either one... you should of smelled fuel when you pulled the plugs to check for spark..... its always an option if you have spark, put a little premix in each cylinder...

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    check the fuses in the box also

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    What about the "kill" switch? Could it be goin bad? Guess that would have prevented spark but not fuel....Hummmmmm

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    Check for fuel in the lines.How long did it sit?

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    2nd wfo- fuel evap out of carbs. just dump an oz. of pre-mix down each spark plug hole!

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    Here's a cheap trick for priming the whole fuel system after the winter:

    Buy one of those squeeze bulbs you use in a bass boat for the fuel lines. Temporarily put it inline between your return hose and the gas tank. Squeeze it until fuel flows, put it back together, and you're done. Been doing this for years and it works like a charm.

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