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    Yamaha Waveventure 1100 W/38MM Carbs - What is the correct Popoff presssure

    What is the correct Pop off pressure for the carb's on my ski. Also can you tell the difference between the platinum spring and the shiny silver in the kit?


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    I use the old springs and see if they are all about the same pop off
    yami springs don't coincide with spring color mikuni charts .. popoff on yours is high but I don't have the value as it is hard to find but 50 ish would be a good guess IMHO

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    Test Results

    The popoff that I getis around 50, but some of the things I have read say 25 to 30PSI. Also Should itactually POP or just open a little. When I use a compressor and set the regulator to 45-50 it opens a little bit, but doesn't actually POP. Please let me know what to look for if you can.

    thanks for your help!

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    you need to fill the needle and seat with wd 40 and it should pop cleanly and reseat watch your eyeballs or you will lube them
    I think 50 is the norm

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    Thank you for your replies. It looks like the knucklehead that ahd the ski's before me just stuck whatever springs he wanted. The popoff is about 85 to 95. I tested each carb 3 times and got the same results. Looks like it is off teh charts for any spring in the kit. Why would that be? how many gram spring shoud be in there. can order them individually for about $2 each. I'll just order 3 of the same to be safe.


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    wow make sure the arms aren't bent then use the mikuni chart to see what gets u near under 50ish with the stock 1.2 needle and seat or grab 1.5's needles and seats and aim for a tad under 50 IMHO!! unless Bill chimes in and schools me

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    1st machine on point

    Hello and thanks again. I actually have two of these machines. The I have the first set of carbs consistantly popping at between 45 and 50 using botht the silver springs and one black one. I would guess that this is OK. I still have a deep cleaning to do on the others (85psi popoff), so I am hoping that after I clean them the pressure comes down. This forum has really worked great for me, thanks again!


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