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    Had an issue today...

    I put in today and started the engine and let it idle for 1-2 mins to warm up like always...then when I gunned it...It started hard but less than 1 sec it cut power to 5k rpm?? turned it off restarted same it is in limp mode. There are no lights on the dash. I put premium gas in today. this is the only thing I did different than every other day. tried a couple more times to shut it off and restart but nothing.

    Boost is acting normal I suppose it gets almost to -1 psi at 5k.

    Cooling water is flowing as normal. I had the 13/24 installed but I ran it yesturday w/ no problems. and I have only ran it twice since I had the c3 wheel put in. there is nothing in the impeller and lmode is not on checked both of these. When I give it full power it will not rev over 5k and about 30mph??

    I did the self diagnosis on the ski and it displayed 01 on the dash which is normal.

    anyone have any ideas??

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    Mine did something like that and i had a air intake hose blow off after the intercooler.

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    k I will check it

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    all pipes connected none blew off wish that is what it was

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    Check all ur hoses and connectors......then--->

    Try using your remote and put it into Learner Mode....then put ti back into Haul-AZZ mode....see if that resets the computer......worked for me once

    If not i would disconnect the battery ....not sure for how long....and then hook it back up......see if the computer resets that way......good luck

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    Might have sucked something up your grate and it got stuck could be something very little like a stick...Could be worse...Has happened a few times on mates RXP's

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    Does it at around 40-45 mph ? how much boost did you actually see when you tried the ski ? jus read your post back over bro, check your supercharger clutch, that could be the problem, sounds like the same issue i had, wen u rev the ski on land can u hear the supercharger clutch ?

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    also check the supercharger wheel just to make sure it hasnt loosened up

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    take off your air cleaner hose and see if your supercharger wheel spins both ways (engine off!!)...if it does your clutch went. (sounds like that is the problem to me) buy a blow off valve and it will never happen again.

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    When my SC hose popped off it would still rev to 6K, but that doesn't seem to be the problem if you only get 5K. Hopefully it's not the clutch like the above poster suggested, but if it is put the stock wheel back on...warranty repair.

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