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    2004 RXP engine noise need help!!!

    I have a 2004 rxp.. that has 97 hrs on it. it has had 3 oil changes. the last one my friend did on his own, and now makes noise.. I got it from him pretty cheap. it sounds like a exhaust rev it up the sound is weird.. any ideas!!! could it be to full and make a weird noise? not sure where I should start. any help would be great.

    Thanks Josh

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    Josh Welcome to the Hulk..

    What is the oil level on the dip stick?

    Has the supercharger ever been rebuilt/upgraded?

    We love Pictures.

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    Thank you..oil level cold is just above the notch on the dip stick. not rebuilt/upgraded..

    I'll have to go take some photos.

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    I would check the intake hose going to the throttle body, grab it and give it some gas. see if it expands with pressure under your grip (it should)
    I had a weird noise in my ski, would not produce any pressure. turned out to be a spun bearing on the supercharger. was replace under warrently.

    the washers were fine. just the inside bearing had spun. does it seem to have lost power?

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    you rev it up... and it makes a noise.... like you have an exhaust leak...

    you sure you aren't just hearing the supercharger spool up and chirp when u rev it and snap the throttle closed? lol

    describe this noise better.... and what are your RPMs and wide open throttle and top speed ?

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    Thanks for your help guys..i'll try anything just didn't know where to start. as far as the noise it is hard to describe. you know what a exhaust leak sounds like. kinda like a slap sound. well thats what it does. I rev it up it getts real loud. I dont know what rpm im getting i'll check that as well. again thanks..

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    Have you ridden the ski in the water or are you hearing the noises when running on the trailer? And Shibby is refering to rpms running on the water, not on the trailer. Checking maximum rpms on the trailer doesn't prove much, except that the rev-limiter works... Ron

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    no I have not riddin it. I hear the noise on the trailer. Ok i'll take it out and see how it does. thanks

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    You can localize the noise by using a mechanics' stethoscope ($5 at Harbor Freight) or by just using a length of dowel (or broom handle). Just place it on the part being listened to, and the other end in your ear. Just don't get it near moving parts, or you might get hurt... Ron

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    well put the ski in the water, rpm's went to about 2,500 and noise was pretty loud still, maybe something internal.

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