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    Making one Ski out two.

    First, Thanks for all the help already. I know I have been wearing out this forum lately.

    Need your help deciding.

    Have two 96 SLX's.

    One had a melted piston with plenty of shavings down in the crank area. The engine is out of the ski now.

    The other engine had good compression on all cylinders but no spark and had been submerged, water still in the crank area. I would bet the water has been in there over a year. However the crank turns over fine.

    I plan to take both units completely apart and then make a decision. But which do you think is the lesser of two evils. Submerged with water sitting or metal shavings in the crank.

    Thanks again,


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    Water Crank = Toast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zazoos2 View Post
    First, Thanks for all the help already. I know I have been wearing out this forum lately.

    ...engine had been submerged, water still in the crank area. I would bet the water has been in there over a year...
    The precision steel roller bearings on the crank shaft and connecting rod ends cannot tolerate water for more than an hour or two at the most.

    Even a thin film of surface rust in the bearings is too much, and the crank will fail in short order at high engine RPM. Much of the engine is made of aluminum or other non-rusting materials, but those bearings are steel.

    Regarding the other engine, you will probably need to pull that crank shaft out, and determine if the metal shavings have contaminated the roller bearings.

    If it turns out that both crank shafts are not usable, then you can send one or the other out for rebuilding. The rebuilder will install all new bearings and seals, and reassemble it with the correct index and alignment.

    The crank shaft is the foundation of the engine. It must be 100%, or the rest doesn't matter.

    Other steel parts are the starter motor, the Bendix gearset, and the flywheel. If you are pulling the engine apart, be sure to check those parts, and replace, clean and/or lubricate if there is evidence of rusting.

    The folks here are generally glad to help. If you can help others around here later on, that would be appreciated.

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    Both are poor candidates for re-use.

    Water = rust. It'll work for a short time, but the bearings will fail most likely in a short time.

    Metal flakes will definately wipe out the bearings quickly. You can try cleaning them out and blow drying them with compressed air. It's up to you if you feel lucky.

    Here's what I think you should do:
    Gather up all the parts you think you're going to need for 1 ski.
    Sell all the surplus parts from the other ski.
    Take that money and buy a rebuilt, or rebuild 1 of the cranks you have.

    That way you'll have a solid bottom end with all the good hand picked top end pieces.

    More times than not, a crank failure will wipe out the top half crank case and cylinder.

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