R5waterXRacing is proud to announce the unveiling of Region 9's OWN website!! Please visit the follwing link http://r9waterxracing.webs.com/ to view this website. R5WX decided that Region 9 needed a NEW website to call their OWN and it will be maintained by R5WXRacing and R9WX racers. This site is set to have its OWN domain in the coming days or weeks at www.r9waterxracing.com so please be patient as we get the domain registered!

We are adding LOTS of items as fast as we can..so stay tuned to http://r9waterxracing.webs.com/ daily to weekly for updates as they develop. R5WXRacing is pleased to be a part of Region 9 this year and are here to help in any way we can!

If your wondering what states Region 9 represents please visit www.apbaracing.com and you can find out more info on what region YOU may be in.

Hope ALL of Region 9 enjoys the NEW site! Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions on web design or ideas and we can see if we can implement them.