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    Confused with vts switch wiring.

    My vts does not work on my 07 rxp, the gauge shows on the dash but i cant here the motor when i activate the switch.. There are three wires going to the switch, blue/white green/white and black. I hooked up a test light to the blue/white wire with the dess key in im getting current, when i press the switch no power.. Same happens when i put my tester on the green/white wire.. Is this normal?? want to know if my switch is stuffed before i go any further with pulling stuff apart. Battery has not been removed only rode ski yesterday.. Thanks

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    Did it work before? Did you check the fuses? How about all the wire connections?

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    You are going to have to connect your meter to either green/white or blue/white and black (ground) to see any voltage... Ron

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    changed out the fuse, i thought thats what i was doing had test light on blue/white wire and clipped to an earth??

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