I'm thinking I may need to depitch the prop on my B1 a little. I noticed today that it's only running about 6640RPM for my twin carb 38 blaster 1. This is with the Riva pipe, Riva 180 PSI head, Ocean pro grate..and Riva top loader on it with Ocean pro F/As. I was thinking that the ski should be turning more around 7,000 rpm or maybe even a bit higher. Anyone else get a tach reading using the Riva red pipe on a 62T? I don't care how many times folks say different.....the Red pipe holds NOTHING against the Factory MOD pipes....NOTHING in terms of down low power. It was almost a bit boring today riding the blaster around with the old Red Pipe on it. What really surprised me the most was even with the Top loader intake grate, Ocean pro plate "deep grove" and full fuel ...it still ran 52mph even on the GPS which if it had the stock plate, stock grate and lower fuel....I think the ski could have hit 53.5-54 mph. It has nice mid and top end power...but again...nothing of sort in terms of the bottom power.

so.....anyone got a good tach reading with their Red pipes using a 62T engine? I'm just looking to see if somone has the old article on the Red pipe to see where the pipe likes to be in terms of RPM. I don't think 6640 is enough to truly get the power out of the pipe.