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    rxp-x collision - damage to fiberglass

    I have some damage to my RXP-X.
    I came to a stop, and somebody came from behind and avoided me from the left, but they hit me hard. bruises on my left hand, tapped left side of my back(jet pilot life jacket took the brunt of the hit.)
    they chipped a few spots of gel-coat down to fiberglass on the left side, i can see some cracks to the fiberglass as a hard hit would do, basically its right above the rxp 255 sticker on the foot well, right at the footwell corner area. they also nailed the front console, chipping the tip off the mirror, and the bracket above the steering shaft that holds the pin to lock down the entire console has been shifted to the right more than an inch.
    any tips on repair? i know you are supposed to cut an area and redo from the outside, im wondering if its minor enought to just do what you can from the outside. any input would be appreciated, thanks.
    I do not have pics yet.
    I marked the area in red on this example picture i found on the net,

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    I don't know where you are located, but in some states you need to file a report if the damage is above $500 - which it looks like it is. Since this is a new ski, I would have it fixed correctly - and make sure the skier who hit you pay for it. If you try to fix it yourself, you will loose thousands of dollars in value... Ron

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    almost impossible to make that silver gelcote look right when repairing

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTXX View Post
    almost impossible to make that silver gelcote look right when repairing

    It is impossible to make it look right! Been working on a crashed X.... It's the gray metalic...but not even close to the flake match.

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    simple fix...just paint the whole boat? just throwing ideas out there just my .02

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    Where are you located. I have seen som incredible glass/carbon fiber work from a local here in New Port Richey, FL

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    i have some guys for u to fix that... depending where ur at

    i already had a 08 RXP-X fixed wayyy worse than that... blew a hole right thru the top deck with a trailer receiver that went flying and ended up inside the hull with the tongue of the trailer sticking out the ski. I am a stickler for perfect paint matching and metallic consistancy. my guy got it dead on perfect i couldn't even find most of the break points in the masking where he faded out the new spray

    luckily with these hull designs and their hard lines there's a hundred ways to use edges to hide a repair. Take like a smooth curving round deck like a GPR and it's not so easy to pick points to kill the new spray

    either way... it's not gonna be very cheap tho

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    Like everyone else, Your location and maybe some real pic's of the damage.

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    damage photo

    here are the 2 images i captured, both on left side of the hull.
    there is more damage over the words 255, towards the front, a bit less.

    let me know what you think, p.s. i'm in the clearwater/palm harbor area of florida
    P.M. me anybody you know who does good work.
    thanks a bunch.
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    Your best bet is to find a Corvette repair center since they deal with fiberglass on a regular basis. They should be able to fix it up no problem.

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