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    97 polaris 1050 sl

    just starting up a little discussion. what do you guys think about the 97 1050 SL? pros, cons, likes, dislikes?

    might buy the ski, and wanted some 2nd opinions.

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    This fellow seems to like them, I think...

    Quote Originally Posted by f150vtx View Post
    Polaris had a good run and in my opinion the 99 or 97 SLX (black) and the 1200pro were their best ski's
    The 1999 SLX was a 1050 machine, while the '97 SLX was a Pro 785 model - different engines, different hulls, different ride characteristics.

    A friend has a '97 SL900, and it is a lot of fun, and rather quick. I imagine the SL 1050 version would be similar, as would the '98 SLXH (1050).

    Others on here have also commented favorably about the 1050 2-seaters.

    Does the one you are considering have the extended jet pump, and extended ride plate?

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    I bought a 97 SL1050 new and never had one problem with it the carbs where alittle funky but thats it .Casey67 has it now and it still rips .my other buddies have 3 more of them and have had no problems either very quick little ski to ride

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    We just got one last season with VERY low hours on it and it was babied. So far the thing is awesome and it rips... no regrets.

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    120 hp in a 2 seater ski is nice

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    i just bought one too....however it has been sitting for 5 years so this is going to be was to good of a deal to pass up!

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