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    Question to the Canadians?

    If I import a Seadoo boat from the States, what fees would I need to pay and would the warranty still be valid if there still is one?

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    I read something about that once before in the past. I think the manufacturers don't like it when this happens because it's like exposing their little secret about price gouging. Canadians pay a tonne more than the U.S. for pwc's, atv's, parts...etc.

    Prime example...I was going to buy the impeller socket for my Sea-Doo last year from BRP here (in Canada) and they wanted 147 bucks! I found the same tool from an aftermarket parts company just on the other side of the border, they had the Solas impeller tool for $6.99!

    I read a posting on here awhile ago, and some guy was doing the same thing, try a search for it. But I think there was something about the warranty that was the main problem, otherwise he mentioned something about only paying duty fees at the border. He somehow found a loophole to get a pwc into Canada without paying much at all at the border. If I can find the posting I'll link it on.

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    I looked into this when I was buying my RXPX.....
    1) you will not have any sort of warranty when you bring it over the border.
    2) American dealers are not allowed to sell to canadians, so you will need a US citizen to purchase it for you, in order for the dealer to register the warranty against.
    3) The border is not really an issue, and because the ski is made in canada you only have to pay the GST (or or the other not both) You just need to fill out the appropriate paperwork, available from customs Canada, pay the tax and you are good to go.
    4) So even though you do not pay both PST and GST, you still have to pay the state tax in which you bought the ski, and then the border fees, and in the end you will have no warranty.
    When I bought mine it ended up being about $2500 difference between US and Canada, but for me since they threw in things like cover, accessories, and extended warranty (boat show promo) up to 3 years I felt it was worth it to buy locally. But thats me.

    If you are buying used then point #2 is n/a. All the others still apply.

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    Thanks guys. Don't think it will be worth the hassle now. Probably was when the dollar was par or better.

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