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    WTB RXP black rub rail inserts

    looking for all 3 rub rail inserts in BLACK for RXP

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    they are only like $15 each in the online store.. plus Jerry gives a discount. Its not worth trying to track down used from someone..

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    $75+shipping on line just trying to see if anyone has a set.

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    if you order the 2 sides for a Gti you will have enough left over for the back peice. I think the side peices are cheaper as well.

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    You will need them from a GTI model if you want "true" black inserts... the RXP or RXT never came in black, and the GTX models are a dark charcoal color. Been there... got black GTI inserts in mine and they look great

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    do you have any pictures?

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    when you ordered the gti side inserts, was there enough left over to do the rear in 1 piece?

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    Check out the thread here I too have been wanting to do this for my RXT, but I am not sure which ones will fit since the RXT is longer.

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