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Thread: Fuel cut

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    Fuel cut

    I have tried searching like crazy but havent come up with any results. I didn't really know what to try to search for but during time of really rough water combined with me playing around I can keep the nose pretty high for an extended period of time. After a couple seconds of doing so my ski will bog completely down like its not getting fuel. This is usually with anything less than 3/4 tank. I usually cant get the nose up high enough with anything over that. Is this normal? Is there anything that can be done to fix it?

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    its normal. I believe its the tops sensor. I may be wrong but i believe what it thinks is that you are going to roll over so it protects the engine from running out of oil... My machine does it too. it takes like 10 seconds to finnally get going again. I believe you can remove the tops sensor...

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    It is normal. Its your tip over protection system (TOPS valve) kicking in.

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    So I take it its also recomended to leave this installed. Is there any adjustment to it? If you ski rolls over and you fall of the lanyard will kill it anyways right? So what would be the reason for keeping it? I dont see how you could roll one of these very easy anyways, I have never even come close to rolling mine over.

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    It keeps the oil from the bottom end of the engine from running up into the cylinders. If this happens and you try to crank the engine, you will bend a connecting rod. This can also happen with water int he cylinders... Ron

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