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    2000 Millineum Edition gauge question...


    GTX Newbie...

    How do you set the time on the Multi-function gauge??

    Also, Looks like the Fuel gauge is not showing an bars and it is full..Is there an inline fuse or anything for that??

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Really not how to do it, but you can download an Owners Manual in PDF at, It's in the Owners Section... Ron

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    On the fuel.

    The guage could be bad. If the rest of the stuff works, it is likely ok.

    You can test the guage by unplugging the lead to the baffle and putting a wire between the terminals on the harness side of the plug. Hit the start button and the guage should read full (boat does not have to be running, of course).

    The baffle and float are your next culprits. The float can fill up and sink, or drop a magnet.

    The baffle has a fuse on it that burns out. There is a repair (see the stickies in the SD Two Stroke section) or you can buy a new one.

    You get to the baffle by pulling the steering off, if I remember correctly.

    As for the time, while in clock mode, press and hold the "Mode" and "Set" buttons together for 2 seconds. Then use "Mode" to adjust hours and "Set" to adjust minutes. When finished, press both buttons again to return it to normal function.

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