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    08 SHO - why would main fuse keep blowing?

    Title pretty much says it all. It's been running perfect since the day I got it, now all of a sudden about 15 minutes after starting off for the day the 20 amp main fuse blew. Next day, same thing except it happened while the engine was off... but in the same area about 15 minutes into the ride.

    Any ideas?

    Only thing that I did recently was install an intake grate, can't imagine that would have anything to do with this.

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    Maybe the plates in the battery are shorting out? Could be a defective battery. Swap it out with someones elses battery and try it out.

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    do you ride in fresh or salt water? i had a similar situation where salt water had got past one of the seals on one of the plugs on the harness and caused a short...
    A good practice if you ride in salt water is to apply dielectric grease on all your connectors (plugs and seals)

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    check the plug on the voltage regulator,I had a 03 gpr that would blow the fuse and the was corrosion in it

    later cd

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    Problem turned out to be the bilge pump... it was seized up and rusting and drawing too much current.

    The facotry supplies a manual pump that runs all the time whenever the engine is on, I don't understand why they don't use an automatic pump? Too expensive?

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    Dual Bilge

    On the GPR, there are 2 pumps - one is vacuum, that only works when the pump is pushing water out and creating the vacuum from the hull. The other is electronic, and cycles for 20 or 30 seconds when you start and stop the motor.

    I don't know if it's the same on the SHO (yet) - my guess is yes, since this works as a failsafe or backup if the hull is filling or full.....

    Sounds like your electric bilge went bad and was replaced? No worries then!


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    I thought that the bilge alternates on and off...may be wrong...

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    Quote Originally Posted by allstar71 View Post
    I thought that the bilge alternates on and off...may be wrong...
    it runs off the main relay...when the boats running, it is on.

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    Faulty, had the same thing happen to us, could result in a fire, I would suggest everyone check or separate the bilge connection with its own fuse to get around anythign potential. Certainly don't want to be 'adrift' like we were.

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    Good info. Same thing happened to me. It is kind of a silly design putting the bilge on the same circuit as the ignition. On mine, I just cut the power wire to the pump, replaced the fuse & kept going. It would be necessary to use a relay connected to a switched 12v source if you want to run it on a separate power source. The Rule automatic pumps are designed to turn on every 2.5 minutes & will only keep running if there is resistance on the impeller, so without a switch or relay they will continue to run when the ski is shut off if connected directly to the battery.

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