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    2005 Aquatrax R-12X

    Can you put on a tow-board on a R-12x jet ski. Im trying to sell my ski and the guy who wants to buy it wants to know if this ski is possible to tow in surf.

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    Most states require mirrors and other stipulations on craft requirements for towing. Check your local authorities first before assuming or adding anything.


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    you can but a 3 seater non turbo is the best for tow surfing, also you have to realy careful where you put all the mounts on an R-12 b/c its not set up to pull anybody

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    I've got an R-12x and I've pulled a tube and it sucked about like I expected. I made a rope that was a y so both hooks were used and tied the tube to that. I can't really explain the feeling, but for sure the turns were elongated. I won't be towing anymore.

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