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    1996 GTX starter function question

    Just tried to crank my 1996 GTX that has sat all winter and found that there was water in the hull up to the base of the starter. I have identified the leak and fixed but when I go to crank, it sounds like the starter is turning very weakly (even though hooked up to a charger in start mode 55amps) and does not appear to be turning the engine over.

    I am new to troubleshooting these things but have some experience with engines. My question is this, does the starter stay constantly engaged to the flywheel or does it throw out like most car starters?

    Lastly, is it a pain to replace the starter? Looks like a bear but what do I know.

    Thanks for the help

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    It is not constant mesh. It has a throw-out type drive.

    Replacing the starter is pretty straight forward, but reacing it is troublesome.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Does replacing it require me to remove the engine?

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    I would pull the plugs and see if any water got in and maybe shoot in some storage oil just in case. With the plugs out, you should be able to rotate the engine by hand... Ron

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    Good call. Make sure the engine will turn over by hand first.

    You do not have to pull the engine to change the starter on a 787, but you will need several 3/8s extensions, maybe a swivel, and a LOT of patience.

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