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    My 'Doo Ran "Quirky"

    2006 SD RXT SC -IC: Changed the oil & filter last week. Ski was perfectly level as per a carpenter's level resting on the cap seam. Oil level prior to change was 1/2 the dipstick. Took out 3.75 liters and put back same amount. No problems. Completed change and new oil level was at top bend of dipstick (a little high). I ran the Doo hooked up to flush kit for 2 minutes to saturate the filter and move oil around. Let rest and new oil level was 3/4 way up dipstick. Perfect. Checked oil level next morning and same at 3/4.

    Ran Doo this weekend. She ran perfect for 15 miles and 20 minutes. Came out of an idle zone and hole shot was boggy and heavy. Ran exactyl like last summer experience when I gouged the wear ring. Ouch! She cont. to run "boggy" for a few miles and then engine "caught" and ran smooth for rest of day (45 minutes - 25 miles).

    Checked engine oil w/ski level when I got home and mark was at top of dipstick... WTF?

    So, I'm guessing something was caught on the intake grate (grass/lilly), or between the grate and the prop, and eventually "blew out". Any ideas?
    Whats w/my oil level? Or they realted?

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    The oil level changes as it heats up. Most of us aim for the level being 1/2 way between the bends in the dipstick when HOT.

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    My guess would be to change the plugs and keep the old ones for spares... Ron

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