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Thread: Valve clearance

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    Cool Valve clearance

    I cannt find factory valve clearance data, can smb help me?

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    Valve Clearance
    IN 0.15 ∼ 0.24 mm (0.0059 ∼ 0.0094 in.)
    EX 0.22 ∼ 0.31 mm (0.0087 ∼ 0.0122 in.)

    this is for a 15F. idk if they're the same. hope this helps.
    General rule of thumb, i've heard from several people that you want a little longer duration on both cams. Good luck

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    thanks, i think it will help,
    master which fixing my jetski asked me this q., i am not so good in this,
    could you explain what does it mean "15F idk...", (soory for silly q.)

    its 07 kawa 250x ultra

    thank you

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    That measurement is for the kawasaki STX 15F. I dont know if that have the same valve clearance.

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    2-21 in manual

    inlet is 0.15 to .24mm (.0059in to .0094in)
    exhaust is .32 to .41mm (.0126 to .0161)

    be sure to check these often! i had to get all new exhaust valves because i waited so long to check them

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