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    2006 Kawasaki STX 12F - worthy or not?

    I've got a line on a 2006 Kawasaki STX 12F with 19 hours and double place trailer for $5500.

    Is this a good Watercraft?
    Is this a fair price?
    Are there any know problems that I should be aware of?
    Can I run this ski on regular 87 octane or does it require premium gas?
    What is it's top end speed?

    I'm also considering and a 2004 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO with 70 hours and a single trailer for $5000.

    Any advice is appreciated...

    Thanks in advance for you comments.

    Best Regards,

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    Welcome to the forum. The 12F is a good ski, its very reliable, and there arent any issues w/ this platform. That being said, $5500 is pretty high. someone can probably pick the ski up new, out the door with a trailer for 7k. and 15F's w/ the same hours are going for 5500-6000. It is recommended that you run 87 octane in the motor, not 91 or 93. Top speed is around 54-55 GPS speed. for a little more you many want to look at the 15F.

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    I have a 07 12f. At 18.5 hours it began to smoke, 50% power. Stopped immediately. Serviced at dealer recommended 12 hours. Broke in proper.
    Turns out 06 and 07 stx12f's do have a prob. Mine was 3 months out of warranty but my dealer got Kawa to fix it. 2 fried pistons and rings.
    I was told there is a problem with the ecu mapping, and causes timing issues, and a few other things.
    They stopped making them in 07.
    If it has a warranty, go for it. It is a good ski, good fuel economy, fun to ride, 50-54 mph, good mid range. Can be modded pretty easy.
    If no warranty, ask your local dealer about purchasing one, or if they can get the "fix" done by Kawa.
    If no, find a stx15f. Better all around ski. Same hull, etc. More motor.
    I never got a straight answer about the fix, but I think they use same ecu as 15f, and when it defaults, it is out of sync. Just a guess.
    A guy at Laughlin that rents them has had the same issues with his 12f's, only 06 and 07's. He has 04's and was real happy. So he got some 06's. Not so happy.

    In closing, yes there are issues with 06-07 stx12f's. Sorry so long here. Lotta $'s though. Get a 15f.

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    I had an 06 12F and just bought a 15F. If you can still find an 08 there a lot of good deals out there. ~$6500

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