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    Jet ski riders in Ontario

    I'm looking for new places to ride in ontario canada, so far the best ones i have found are: no order

    1. Holland river into cooks bay - lk simcoe
    2. lake scugog up the river to lindsay
    3. Rice lake down the otonobe river to healey falls
    4. Rice lake up the river to peterborough
    5. wasaga river and then jump waves at wasaga beach

    All of the river running is fast with very few slow/no wake zones. This summer i'm looking for different places to ride or visit. I will try the trent from sparrow lake to georgian bay, but i'm looking for other placesto ride, and other riders to hook up with. Anyone have some suggestions ?

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    Do they have to be SeaDoo riders?
    If other brands are OK, you might want to have this thread moved to the General Discussion or Rides forums.

    We ride Lake Ontario, Lake Muskoka, Sparrow Lake, Lake Simcoe, Holland River, Niagara river.

    We might get to lakes Rosseau and Joseph this summer, and possibly the Trent out to Georgian Bay in May or late July. There are several locks and one marine railroad along that route, which adds time to the trip.

    Sounds like you mostly look for fast flat water on rivers and small lakes.

    The Niagara river is an interesting ride, but there is lots to be aware of. Not only is it a heavily monitored international border zone, but upriver there are potentially dangerous and complex currents and significant whirlpools around the hydro-electric power plants, and if you go far enough, eddy currents and near vertical walls of water. Your PWC must be 100% reliable, and you can not afford to fall off.

    Places we might ride some time include the upper Niagara, and some parts of Lake Erie.

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    I just have my seadoo boat but i boat long point bay most of the time. But 1000 islands is AWESOME. There is also the muskoka's witch is full of lake to explore.

    Here Longpoint bay

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