Project XLT-R is FINALLY underway! For those of you that know me, I ruined my engine back in July of 2007. A series of family related incidents from June - October of last year impaired me from being able to rebuild my XLT & placed it on the back burner. At one time I even thought of selling it for parts last year when my grandfather passed away in October. A lot of thinking & the passion for the hobby made me realize, the time is finally here. The engine is currently at the hospital undergoing extensive surgery & should come out beefed up & looking brand new. The overall look of the waverunner will be quite diferent than it was before. Some of you may remember the computerized designs I made of the ski I made & many of you assisted me in the final desicion on the route I'm taking with the way it will look. As for now, the hull is sitting, this weekend's fun activities include the following:

  • OEM mats removal
  • Fuel tank cleaning
  • oil tank removal
  • waterbox replacement (I have Smitty's waterbox - was on the CRAYOLA I think)
  • Pump plate adjustment, I noticed there must be debris in there, one side is 1/4 centimeter below the hull while the other side is flush to the hull.
  • Inner hull cleansing (Any suggestions? I use CLOROX & Degreaser)
  • Trim cable & trim lever removal (they are more than rotten, they are frozen solid)
  • Adjustment of the reverse bucket
  • lubrication of the reverse cable
I have a lot of work ahead but it's work I love to do. I'm looking forward to back it up into the water soon. I can't wait!!!

Note: There may be some items I will be selling when the rebuild is complete as I'm no longer interested in making this a racing ski. I will be achieving my 60mph & I'll be a happy camper. I will create a list of items that will be up for grabs in a few weeks.