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    Planning a Trent trip, all advice welcome

    As the title says this will be a first Trent Severn journey for us. Two '08 RXT's. We plan to start somewhere around Bobcaygon to Port Severn at which point we will carry on up towards Parry Sound where my cottage is located.

    If anyone has experience with this route and would like to offer any advice regarding what to look out for, what to carry that I may not have thought of please feel free to offer it up. I have all charts and extensive boating experience particularly on Georgian Bay but this is my first long distance PWC tour.


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    very slow running from balsam to just past mitchell, speed reduced canal, very boring, let me know when you are going, i may tag along for a lock or two. i have a post about rides a little farther down


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    Thanks Tailight, yeah we know the runnings gonna be slow in there. The plan is to start the morning of June 25th and try to get past the Big Chute sometime on Friday to miss the weekend crowd. I plan to document the trip a bit here for fun. I'm just trying to time everything out so we can make Parry Sound sometime Saturday. We may need an extra day if ther is any delays....

    BTW have you been through the Marine Railway on a ski? If so whats the procedure? Any different than a small boat?

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    I haven't been on the marine railway yet
    but i have been through the locks numberous times

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    ya man, im in bolsom, i would love to tag along just through my lake.

    that do u think?

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    More the merrier. I have to firm up times/dates etc. but keep an eye on the thread....

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